Governor Kemp signs HB 244

Georgia’s EMCs commend Governor Kemp for signing HB 244 and eagerly look forward to working with the PSC to expand access to broadband in rural Georgia, while keeping EMC members from shouldering the burden of that progress. It is critical to solve the digital divide but also protect rural Georgians from increased energy costs.


Home Energy Adventure

With winter bringing colder weather, electricity costs are increasing.
We know that saving energy means saving money, and having an energy efficient home does just that.
That’s why we released the Home Energy Adventure. 
Take the Home Energy Adventure tour below to learn about how you can save energy and money at home today!


Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Score Above the Rest

On May 11, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) announced, “Energy utilities face serious challenges as customer satisfaction drops 3.2 percent.”

With an ACSI score of 71.9 on a scale of 0 to 100, the energy utilities sector dropped again for the third straight year. On a positive note that speaks to the cooperative difference and value of membership, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives remain the highest rated utility group.