Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We are owned by those we serve. When a company is owned by the very folks it serves, it has a real stake in the community. Middle Georgia EMC genuinely cares about the communities in our five-county service area because the people and businesses of those communities are Middle Georgia EMC.

Our desire to have a positive impact is evident. We take an active role in many civic and business organizations. We work with local school systems to provide educational programs on electricity and to assist with special projects. We offer programs to help builders construct homes that are more energy efficient and to help homeowners improve the efficiency of existing homes. We provide special presentations for community organizations and other groups.

We support our Chambers of Commerce and have been a member of each for many years. Our employees devote and volunteer some of their time to the chambers to help them and their festivals to be a successful as possible.


Middle Georgia EMC is a member of:

Dooly County Chamber of Commerce



Hawkinsville-Pulaski Chamber of Commerce



Wilcox Chamber of Commerce