Advance Pay

Advance Pay

What is Advance Pay?

Advance Pay is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to pay when you want, in the amounts you want.  Instead of receiving a paper bill each month, usage is calculated daily.  Advance Pay members never pay a late charge or reconnect fee. 


Is Advance Pay the right choice for me?

Would it be easier for you to make a smaller payment more often rather than one large payment each month?

If so, Advance Pay may be for you. 


Are you interested in monitoring your electricity usage?

Statistics indicate prepay electricity programs help lower electric consumption due to member awareness of usage patterns. 


How will I know if my account runs low?

You will receive a low balance notice by e-mail, phone, or text message.  You decide at what amount you want to be alerted.  (We recommended setting your alert at no less than $10.)  If you do not purchase more power before the balance reaches zero, the meter will stop and the power will turn off. 


How do I purchase more electricity?

It’s easy!  You can make a payment in person, online or by phone.  Once a payment is made, your power will reconnect almost immediately.  It is important to keep your balance from becoming negative so that you avoid disconnection.  Anytime your balance is disconnected your account must have a minimum balance of $10 before the power will be restored.


I have a traditional account.  Can I switch to Advance Pay?

Yes!  You can switch to an Advance Pay account even if you already have service with Middle Georgia EMC.  (While the majority of our residential accounts will qualify, some restrictions may apply.)  If you decide that Advance Pay is not for you, we’ll change you back to a traditional account.  


Need more information?  Call 1.800.342.0144.

Ready to change your account to Advance Pay? 

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